The Bush Team

One of the most important responsibilities of the presidency is choosing the high ranking members of the executive branch.  Presidential nominees to executive positions (except his personal White House staff) must be approved by a majority of the Senate.

Internet Coverage of the Bush Agenda and his Appointments

All the news network internet sites provide coverage of the policies of the Bush presidency and biographies of high ranking members of Bush's administration.  Click below to go to major network coverage of the Bush agenda and the Bush team.

PBS Online Newshour



For a more critical view of the Bush agenda and his appointments, check out

In These Times, Feb 19, 2001.

Foreign Policy in Focus

Barbara Ransby and Cheryl Harris, Uncle Tom's Cabinet?

Biographies of Appointments

Currently most major network websites have pages devoted to biographies of the Bush team.  However, eventually most networks will remove these pages to make room for more current events, so below I have pasted together bios of the Bush team drawn from MSNBC, CNN, the Online Newshour, and the Independent Media center (when available).

Inner Cabinet

Secretary of State, Colin Powell
Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill
Attorney General, John Ashcroft

Executive Office of the President

National Security Advisor, Condoleezza Rice
Office of Management and Budget, Mitch Daniels

White House Staff

White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card
White House Counselors, Al Gonzales and Karen Hughes

Outer Cabinet

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson
Secretary of Commerce, Don Evans
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Mel Martinez
Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman
Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Todd Whitman
Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham
Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao
Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta