The World Trade Center and Pentagon Bombings: A Different View

A horrible tragedy?  Of course.  We all mourn the victims of this catastrophe.

An act of unprecedented cruelty?  An unprecedented attack on innocent civilians?
Not really.  Below are a few reminders that the United States has a long history of attacking innocent civilians.

Hiroshima 1945

Hiroshima was chosen as the site of the first atomic bombing because it had never been bombed during the entire war.  That was because it had no military targets, no bases or significant war industry.  The American military wanted a pristine target so it could clearly see the impact of the first atomic bomb.  World War II marks the beginning of a consistent American policy of targeting civilians in times of war.

My Lai, Vietnam, 1969

My Lai was only the most publicized massacred of civilians by American forces in Vietnam.  The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington commenmorates the 59,000 American war dead.  Two million Vietnamese lost their lives in their struggle for independence, most of them innocent civilians.  Not all were killed by American forces or their allies, but most were.
Iraqi Civilians Bombed during the Persian Gulf War, 1991

Yes Saddam Hussein is a bastard, but these are innocent civilians.

U.S. Bombing of Pharmeceutical Plant in Sudan, 1998:
A Warning about Overzealous Terrorism Fighting

After the terrorist bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the U.S. bombed Sudan.  The U.S. claimed this pharmaceutical plant was a front for manufacting chemical weapons.  Most observers around the world, including most of America's European allies, now believe there were no chemical weapons being made there.  Even if the U.S. allegations were true, most of the casualties were civilian workers.
U.S. Bombing of Afghanistan
The U.S. attack on Afghanistan has been targeted not only on terrorist camps but also on ordinary civilians.  There are no accurate statistics, but it is highly likely that the U.S. bombing has killed more civilians in Afghanistan than were killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings.
Most Self-Righteous Quote on the Pentagon and World Trade Center Bombing: Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona

"We are greater than our enemies. We are greater because the very virtues our enemies revile and seek to destroy make us so."
A paraphrase from a McCain TV interview, "Our enemies are evil, and they hate us because we are good."

Most Ridiculous Quote on the World Trade Center Bombing:
Reverend Jerry Fallwell, Founder of the Moral Majority

Rev. Fallwell called the attacks a punishment from God because the U.S. no longer follows God's laws.  According to Yahoo!News, Rev. Fallwell "blames the attacks on pagans, abortionists, feminists, homosexuals, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People for the American Way."

If Rev. Fallwell really understood the Bible, he would recognize a much more telling passage,

As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

We Mourn the World Trade Center Victims


But When the Flag Business is Good,
Innocent Civilians Around the World Beware!




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